BMW E30 - E36 Aluminum Radiator

BMW E30 - E36 Aluminum Radiator
BMW E30 - E36 Aluminum Radiator

BMW E30 - E36 Aluminum Radiator

Model Number: radiator-type-1
Our Type 1 Radiator is a direct replacement for late e30s and e36 three series models. It fearures 65% increaded fluid capacity, better dissipating materials over stock and a lifetime warranty. [See Full Description Below]

Radiators and shroud kits are built to order. Lead-time varies.
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A number of things contribute to cooling efficiency, e.g.; fluid capacity, fin design, material, etc. Zionsville Autosport's Alloy Radiator has a core thickness of 33 mm. It is important to note that core area takes priority over core thickness. As a general rule, the core area in square inches should be greater than the engine displacement plus fifty. For example, the 3.2 S52 motor is approximately 200ci. In order for a radiator to efficiently cool this engine, the core area should be at least 250 square inches. The surface area of ZA's Alloy Radiator is 374 square inches.

ZA's Alloy Radiators also use a high efficiency core similar to a stock radiator. High efficiency cores have more fins per inch, more tubes per core and more cooling capacity. Each row has a single, large tube. The flat side of the tube is in direct contact with the fins which transfers heat from the tube walls to the fins. Since the rounded ends of the tube are not in direct contact with the fin, this portion of the tube does not aid in secondary cooling. The more tubes per row, the more rounded ends, and the less direct contact there is between the tubes and the fins. ZA uses a single tube for better heat dissipation.

Cooling improvement also comes from larger radiant surfaces on the tanks. The alloy tanks themselves have a high level of thermal conductivity which helps to dissipate heat into air instead of back into the engine. In addition, the tanks on ZA's Alloy Radiator are larger than the tanks on a stock radiator. This results in a 65% increase in coolant capacity.

Empirical data speak to the efficacy of the Alloy Radiator. ZA's Alloy Radiator has been installed in front of super-charged and turbo-charged engines and has performed superbly. They are running in the hottest parts of the country - from California, to Texas, to Florida, in both street and race applications. ZA's Alloy Radiator also survived the twenty-five hour enduro at Thunder Hill. According to the driver, the radiator performed flawlessly.

Fits BMW E30 1988 325, 1988-91 325i, 1988-90 325is, 1988-91 325ix, 1988-93 325ic Fits BMW E36 1998-99 323is, 1992-95 325i, 1992-95 325is, 1996-98 328i, 1996-99 328is, 1995-99 M3, 1994-95 325i Conv., 1998-99 323i Conv., 1996-99 328i Conv., 1998-1999 M3 Conv. Lifetime Warranty! Zionsville Autosport guarantees our radiators for life to the original purchaser. Purchaser must provide proof of BMW coolant use at first installation and once every two years thereafter. Made in the USA with Euro Aluminum Cores!

• 65% Increase in Fluid Capacity
• High Efficiency Fin Design
• Better Heat Dissipating Materials
• Repairable All Alloy Construction
• Greatly Increased Life-Span
• Hand Welded, No Epoxy
• Impact Resistant
• Aluminum Core
• Accepts All Original Equipment
• Improved Serviceability with Petcock
• Tested at 4X Operating Pressure
• Broad Application
• Made in the USA